ANTH 102 assignment 01

Assignment #1

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Use the designated reading in the text plus your lecture notes to deal with the following topics: Define the subsequent terms:


Anthropology may be the study of humankind, viewed from the perspective of all persons and all instances.

Ethnical Anthropology

Cultural Anthropology is the study of nationalities and societies of humans and their very recent earlier. Traditional ethnical anthropologists study living nationalities and present their findings in ethnography.

Linguistic Anthropology

Linguistic Anthropology is the examine of vocabulary, especially just how language is structured, progression of terminology, and the social and cultural contexts pertaining to language.

Ancient Anthropology

Archeology is the examine of past societies and their cultures, particularly the material continues to be of the previous, such as equipment, food continues to be, and places where people lived.

Physical/Biological Anthropology

Physical Anthropology also called natural anthropology; physical anthropology may be the study of human advancement and variance, both previous and current.


Info is evidence gathered to help answer questions, solve problems, and fill breaks in medical knowledge.


Testable transactions that possibly explain particular phenomena noticed in the natural world.

Medical Method

An scientific research method in which info is obtained from observations of tendency, hypotheses happen to be formulated and tested, and conclusions are drawn that validate or modify the original hypothesis.


Verified through observation and experiment.


A set of ideas that have been rigorously tested and validated, ultimately causing their organization as a generally accepted justification of certain phenomena.

Medical law

A theory that becomes completely true.

In short , state the why your husband is important to the study of biological anthropology Charles Darwin

Darwin's essential contribution was your...

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