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Case study you: Bajaj Car Ltd.

Your activity: Analyze the position of Bajaj in the current market set-up, evaluating its strengths, weaknesses, dangers and possibilities available. Bajaj Auto Ltd. (BAL) is among the oldest and the largest maker of vehicles in India and has been the market leader in scooters. In nineties, the around monopolistic market structure, most likely, lulled the corporation into staying complacent and in addition they gave method to the rivals like Leading man Honda and TVS. � Hero Honda and TVS Suzuki tied up with foreign dominant to bring in the most up-to-date in terms of appearance and technology, and Bajaj failed to determine the changing tastes of consumers. In nineties, there was a marked move in consumer preference coming from scooters to motorcycles. Bajaj found alone at a loss right here, as it was largely a great un chartered territory.

The business

Bajaj Automobile is the range topping of the Bajaj Group of Businesses. Bajaj is currently India's largest two- and three wheeler company.

Current Performance

The directors present their second annual survey and the audited statements� of accounts for 12 months ended 23 March 2009.

The shows are while under: --

2007-08 2008-09 (Nos. ) (Nos. )



New projects:

Chakan 4-wheeler plant-The 'Lite' selection of 4 wheeler vehicles, the two in Passenger and Cargo sections of the market, are under re-design, to sharpen the competitive positioning from the products. The Cargo type code named ' PHOTO VOLTAIC 1500' may very well be launched this summer.

The Techno-economic feasibility pertaining to the Traveling 4 wheeler will be evaluated by Bajaj Renault-Nissan for the final decision, ultimately causing firming up in the co-operation parameters among companions and an appropriate JV Agreement. Analysis & creation and technology absorption:

In the past year under review,  BAL continuing to invest...

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