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Global Sustainability

Eastman Kodak Company 2010 Twelve-monthly Report


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Kodak is pleased to present our fifth annual Global Sustainability Report, along with our twenty-first public are accountable to include well being, safety and environmental functionality.


Problems Covered /Trends

Kodak is usually continually evaluating our sustainability priorities and aligning our focus with this current business structure. Through remark and engagement in various market groups and associations, all of us monitor styles and standards, review ranking agencies' commentaries and listen to subject matter specialists in order to discover substantive issues. Those concerns deemed strongly related our merchandise portfolio and stakeholders and in alignment with the Corporate Responsibility Principles will be deemed material. We have reported progress during these areas and attempt to integrate all of them into each of our governance structure, which provides a framework for: • Manipulating the impact of your activities, product or service; • Managing our crucial initiatives; and • Employing effective guidelines and programs.

Approach to Credit reporting

Information in the Report reflects the globally business activities of Kodak and each of our subsidiaries coming from January one particular, 2010 to December thirty-one, 2010. Just about every attempt have been made to statement performance data on a throughout the world basis. Exactly where that is not likely, exceptions are noted. Efficiency data via operations for leased establishments are included while data from outsourced operations are certainly not. The content in this Report was selected and prioritized to communicate the complete approach, certain actions and annual improvement toward applying Kodak's Business Responsibility Principles—our guide to get strategic actions on durability. Up to date progress reports, detailed information on merchandise environmental features and considerable customer support assets can be found upon our website,, which usually complements this Report..


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Verification and Assurance

Kodak's Environmental Management (EMS), which includes health, security and environmental aspects and has begun to integrate sustainability aspects, can be ISO 14001 certified. The most recent review and certification was completed by simply Bureau Veritas Certification completely. Greenhouse gas emission and energy info for the years prior to 2009 have been validated by a other auditor and certified simply by either the California Local climate Action Computer registry or The Climate Registry. Outcomes have also been evaluated and acknowledged by the U. S. ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION AGENCY Climate Frontrunners Program. 2009 and 2010 data are currently in the confirmation and documentation process. Almost all 2010 drinking water usage data has been audited by the Kodak Controller's Business office and verified to be 99% accurate and. Financial info within the 2010 Annual Report on Form 10-K is usually verified by PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP, and is sold at The remaining content, which includes governance, environmental, health, basic safety, diversity and philanthropy data, has been evaluated by internal subject matter experts and inside assured. Since our previous report inside the fall of 2010, we certainly have continued to help align our Survey more closely with the external standards in the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI). This Statement contains...

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