Dollar Woods Annual Statement

Dollar Shrub Annual Report 2011

Vicki R. Justice

Melinda Swigart

Accounting 90

May 25, 2012

Money Tree Total annual Report 2011

The company that I chose to report upon is a Bundle of money 500 firm called Buck Tree. They can be known for their $1 price-point variety stores. They may be headquartered in Chesapeake, Virginia and run over four, 300 retailers over the 48 contiguous Usa and five Canadian Zone (Dollar Woods annual survey, 2011). The key sections of the annual are accountable to me can be:

* Net revenue which are the gross sales minus results, discounts, and allowances were $6. 6 billion this summer that compared to $5. 9 billion for 2010 which confirmed an overall increase in sales. * Gross profit which is product sales minus most costs immediately associated with those sales. Pertaining to 2011, Dollars tree reported their major profit while $2. four billion when compared with 2010 using a gross revenue of $2. 1 billion. * Net income is also known as profit. Money Tree for 2011 a new bottom line earnings after all expenditures were subtracted of $488. 3 million. * Earnings per Talk about are what drive the significance of stock. Industry pays more attention to EPS than it does to everything else. The total annual report confirmed EPS to get $4. goal for 2011 compared to bucks 3. 12 in 2010. 5. Return in shareholder's value (ROE) means the company's net gain divided simply by shareholder's collateral and shows how well a company utilizes shareholder's money. ROE was 34. 8% for 2011 compared to 28. 5% for 2010.

The real key factors that affected you can actually performance for 2011 were expansion of stores, opening of new retailers and relocating stores to more rewarding locations. Dollar Tree angles its success on the focus on the consumer. They aim for high value items at an affordable price. Additionally they give credit to their dedicated associates and the superior work they do.

The primary assets placed by Buck Tree happen to be merchandise inventory followed by the next largest asset of home, plant and equipment. Cash and cash...

References: Buck Tree, Inc. (2012). Money Tree total annual report intended for 2011. Recovered from Dollar Tree website: http//

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