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Frequently asked questions


We all accept Australian visa, Mastercard, Australian visa Debit, Istitutore, China AliPay and you can also pay while using accelerated peruse if you choose the Apple Spend, Google Spend, PayPal or perhaps Amazon Spend payment option. Please make sure the billing talk about you get into at the checkout matches the billing address of the card you are using or else the repayment won’t be accepted.

Is my information safeguarded?

We place your security as a main priority and so our site has become designed with that in mind. Zatchels. com posseses an SSL Certificate which means that the payment can be processed securely. We do not store your card details.

Can one change or cancel my order?

Because all of our bags are handmade to purchase, we are not able to guarantee that we will be able to transform or end your purchase. However , all of us will always make an effort to help if people have changed their mind so please email us at [email protected] com immediately and we will see what we can do. This will usually rely upon whether we certainly have started to make your bag.

Why wasn’t my personal payment acknowledged?

The most common reason behind a repayment not to be accepted is that the billing treat of the buy doesn’t match the invoicing address of the card being used. The billing address should be entered exactly as it is shown on your own card assertion. Don’t be anxious though you can specify a unique shipping treat for your satchel to be sent to.

Pastel Purple Tote Tote

I actually ordered the Pastel Violet Tote Handbag for our daughters birthday.There was clearly a slight issue with delivery nevertheless this was categorized out promptly by the very helpful staff for Zatchells. The bag is gorgeous associated with excellent quality. The bag was on discount so the value was extremely good, yet I feel that to get bags with this quality leather-based and excellent workmanship that they would be worth full price. I understand coming from Zatchels details that versions on colour and style can also be provided. I are now attempting to find a good excuse for placing your order a bag for personally. I should be recommending Zatchels to my friends and family.

My spouse and i. Rise and Fall

In May 2015, Julie Deane, a mother of two and a respectable and practical English woman, involved to take an outing she experienced never imagined for himself. At the invitation of Jack port Ma, the Chinese billionaire, Deane was setting off intended for Shanghai, to get Alibaba’s initially conference in women and entrepreneurship. At the convention alongside Deane was Arianna Huffington, who had been promoting her Thrive Global initiative, and actress Jessica Alba as well as the Queen in the Netherlands. Deane would practice Tai Chi with Ma on his exclusive island off the coast of Hangzhou prior to the trip was over. But she was also accompanied by a rapid development of a business called the Cambridge Satchel Company, which will she and her mom had began seven years earlier in her kitchen, with the robust capitalization of £600. They had sought to bring back the traditional British school satchel and had turn into wildly successfulso much so that Deane acquired recently marketed part of her company to a private-equity company that acquired pumped her small operation full of professional managers and consultants, all of whom were beginning to aggravate her. Upon that evening in May, on the eve of her trip, they were discussing ideas about how precisely to decorate Cambridge Satchel’s initially shop for guys, which was opening in about a month.

Deane recalled the presentation to my opinion when I visited her last summer in Cambridge. We sat within a café only outside King’s College and two doors down from your Cambridge Satchel Company shop she experienced opened just a few years previously. After the designers had finished, they asked, as she remembered, ‘What do you most like regarding this? ‘ And i also said, ‘Nothing. I don’t like anything about it. ‘ And they acquired really huffy. They received really, really huffy. But Deane was feeling huffy as well. It didn’t feel like our shop any more.

Deane cut the meeting short and asked the designers to send to her by email every detail with the store these people were designing so she can approve or reject every one. And so it was when I was in China and e-mailing these people from my own hotel room by two the next day, and I was saying to me personally, That weakling Arianna’s been sleeping for the last seven hours.

Deane has an oblong face, wavy dark hair, a soft body, and a clear , crisp sense of humor. Once i spent the afternoon with her she discussed for me the rise, the fall, as well as the comeback of her businessa story that illustrates the entrepreneurial blocks inherent in trying to keep a eyesight while growing too fast. Cheery and no-nonsense, with a damaged pedicure and a degree in biophysics, Deane is as unpredicted a determine as can have the fashion industry. My train from London experienced arrived somewhat late, and Deane quickly shepherded me into her car and drove to Caius CollegeStephen Hawking’s old schoolwhere Deane had only been named Honorary Other, one of just three ladies to hold the title. She was congratulated continually as we had lunch in the long and elaborate dining room she got helped style 30 years back when the girl was a pupil there. Following graduating, the girl returned hometo Swansea, in Walesto take care of her troubled father. Presently there weren’t any kind of scanning electron microscopes in Swansea, Deane told me, therefore she started for a great accounting organization. The experience was fortunate. She’d need accounting.

START-UP Over, Deane’s child, Emily, and her boy, Max, within a modeling shoot, 2008; listed below, a sketch of what would end up being the company’s emblem.

Courtesy of the Cambridge Satchel Company.


We have a variety of beautiful font styles that may complement your unique message. Yet , we can just engrave basic characters or symbols, with regards to the limitations of specific font styles. Every engravings can be purchased in Serif, Georgia and Screenplay fonts unless of course otherwise explained. Please double-check your meaning on the display carefully to check on that all the details are accurate before submitting your purchase. It is your choice to ensure that the engraved concept is correct, exact and is correctly spelt. You are responsible pertaining to ensuring that any kind of wording that you request to be engraved is correct and exact and does not infringe the perceptive property rights or various other rights of any 3rd party.

Please note: we all cannot accept engraved text messages with emojis, symbols or words that may be deemed because inappropriate or offensive.

Just how is my message added to the tote?

We use a laser to engrave your message in the leather of the bag. This gives an incredibly clean crisp surface finish to the text and clashes perfectly together with the colour from the leather. We offer a choice of baptistre which has been chosen to give the greatest effect.

Wherever will my personal message be on the bag?

We offer media on both inside and out of doors of satchels. On the inside of the bag your message will probably be in the center of the lid involving the attachments. On the outside of the handbag your meaning will be personalized on to a tab which is in that case attached to the bag with silver pennie rivets. Some bags could be engraved on the inside of the lid only. The written text of your meaning may vary in proportions depending on the font, number of characters and the bag’s shape, design and size.

How long may my concept be?

Your message may be up to 12-15 characters on the exterior of the tote and up to 60 character types on the inside, space are included so ensure you count all of them when you are crafting your communication. We maintain a jogging count of the characters in the message as you may type this and show it next for the text field to make it easier to keep track.

Which hand bags can be customised?

Almost all of our manufactured to order bags could be personalised. The effect achieved would depend on the colour and finish of the leather-based. Some luggage can’t be customised, please look into the product pages. You will not be able to customise any filled bags; these kinds of bags happen to be ready-made and ready to dispatch.

I use already purchased a bag can one have it engraved?

If you return your tote to us then we are able to add engraving for the standard price as well as our normal postage impose to send the finished tote back to you.

How much does media cost?

You can expectFREE personalisationfor all requests! So why not add an extra special touch on your bag by having a brand or unique message?

May i change or return my personal personalised handbag?

If you change your mind or realize you have made an error in your message please contact us on [email protected] com as quickly as possible. Once your bag have been made then we will be struggling to change or cancel the order.

Beautiful product and wonderful services

I actually ordered a bag to consider holiday with me at night, not realising until following I’d placed the buy that I had to allow about 21 times for delivery. Unsure if this intended working days (in which circumstance it would appear while I was away), We emailed consumer services. I actually received an answer almost instantly from a pleasant lady who have said that she’d mark my own order as urgent. The bag showed up a week later on and it is absolutely beautiful – beautiful thick household leather which smells beautiful and there’s the extra knowledge that it absolutely was made in Great britain just for myself! The sale cost was incredible, too (a £60 conserving! ). Not to mention Zatchels offer a free life-time guarantee, thus i know that my beautiful carrier really will be a bag for a lifetime.

I’m and so happy with my purchase as well as the service We received and I’ll still be shopping with Zatchels again!

II. Inspiration

The year was 2008, and Deane was living in a village outside the house Cambridge. The lady was wedded to a managing consultant and had two childrenEmily, eight, and Max, half a dozen. Deane acquired given up her own career in accounting when Emily was born, together been a stay-at-home mom ever since. Emily had produced increasingly silent throughout the year. One day, Deane arrived at the school to grab her girl and saw her becoming bullied by simply some of the different girls in her school. She wasn’t fighting back, Deane told me. Just like countless different mothers, Deane found a way to blame himself. Because I used to be a stay-at-home mum and i also am incredibly energetic and like to do my own projects, We would seize everything that I could do with the children. She developed miniature gardens in the covers of glass jars. Your woman made fruit and vegetables out of Play-Dohthey’d end up being bored and I’d still be making cauliflower. This meant, Deane continued, that occasionally Emily would miss a reference that a university friend made toEastEndersor she would always be overly enthusiastic about the latest small garden your woman and her mother experienced created. These small occasions, in Deane’s thinking, were enough to create a flare point of big difference.

Deane promised her daughter that she’d go elsewhere in the fall season. When Emily was confessed to a exclusive school, I just sort of asked about the college fees, fell over back, and picked out myself up and believed, Right, that’s a lot, Deane told me. But it’s almost simpler when you don’t have a choice. One year of school cost £12, 000times two, truly, because your woman couldn’t give one child without the different. The few did not possess money to spare. In the last year, nevertheless , Deane experienced earned £600 running a medical conference by Caius School. She quickly created a schedule in which the lady listed feasible business ideas that may turn £600 into £24, 000. When I noted that £600 appeared like an very small amount to start out a business with, Deane replied, If you hang around a lot of with San francisco types, you think that a mil dollars is nothing. In case you hang around with normal, diligent people, £600 isn’t absolutely nothing. You can do actually quite a lot with £600. And your woman didshe place it into satchels.

Deane had been looking for a traditional school satchel for some when. I was sick to death in the rubbishy schoolbags that they have today, the lady explained. They are really, she stated, poorly made and typically decorated with licensed personas that truly feel old after one time. She recalled the leather institution satchel that she’d transported for several years when she was a student: It looked better when I done my uppr sixth than it did when I was starting. But when the girl went to shop for one, the girl scrolled pages and pages through Google and you only could not get those luggage anymore.


The lady moved quickly: This was done up a day. I mean, this is not like, ‘Let’s strategy a business on the year or perhaps something and launch that with a big party and pay famous people to come. ‘ It wasn’t like that. It had been, ‘O. T., so that’s the one we’re going to do. ‘ And my mom was presently there, and your woman said, ‘Well, if that’s the one you might do, you’re going to desire a name. ‘ I was like, ‘Good point. We’re going to need to have a identity. How aboutsince we’re in Cambridge and we sell satchelsthe Cambridge Satchel Company? ‘ Picked up a half an hour on the particular one. Deane is so self-deprecating it can nearly feel illusive, but it’s possible the effect is just British understatement (or I’ve been spending too much effort with San francisco types).

Following came the style of the satchel itself. In my head there is certainly only one method a satchel can look. Therefore i just made the first modele with two cereal packing containers and covered it in brown paper and attracted some buckles on it. Deane discovered the task of actually finding a manufacturer would be convenient, but it wasn’t. She experienced rejected the concept of having the carriers made by an artisanal-crafts shopwhat that means is they’ll help to make something however it will cost a great deal that schoolchildren could hardly ever buy that as a schoolbag and you may never increase any kind of perimeter.

Sooner or later Deane identified a random Scottish school that detailed leather university satchels within their prospectus: I was like, ‘Hallelujah, it’s the holy grail. Its this that I need. ‘ She called the school and asked for the school supplier. She known as the outfitter, a small store in Scotland. The owner was a decent guy, but he’d not divulge his company. Deane may not accept not any for an answer. The person who gets that, the person who will be going to succeed, is the individual who wants it more, you already know, she told me, by way of explaining just how she handled the situation.

What she proceeded to do was call the shop every half-hour to ask the owner concerns about his satchels. What color will you do? she asked. He reacted that he made the bags within a chestnut color. Deane approved of this. Because traditional college satchels will be in proverb, the lady said. You only have to look at the opening from theNarniaPlaystation 3 or xbox game, and they’re utilizing the Subway and two of them currently have the satchels onchestnut. She place the phone straight down and then, 30 minutes later, known as him once again.

Do you could have navy satchels?

No, because they’re chestnut.

Oh, that’s too badO. K. Deane called him yet again. Do you have red satchels, because I think red satchels would seem so speedy. They would appear really, great. Do you have these people?

On it went, every single 30 minutes. Midway through the second day, the man asked, How many queries do you have?!

Deane thought to him, You know, which is really funny thing. Personally i think like I use literally received thousands of inquiries about satchels. And the seriously weird issue is, that they only ever before seem to arrive one at a time.

The shop owner gave her the name of his maker, who was found in the town of Hull. Your woman drove generally there immediately to make a deal.

About My Zatchels Bag

Every single bag all of us sell is made from real natural leather. Some luggage have a foil or fabric surface applied to those to create a particular effect however the bag itself is 100% leather.

How long will my own bag previous?

Treated effectively, there is no reason your tote shouldn’t last the entire life and to back again this up we offer a lifetime guarantee against any manufacturing defects. For additional information see the lifetime ensure page.

Is usually my handbag waterproof?

Since leather can be described as natural material and will absorb water, non-e of our luggage are water-proof. If your carrier does obtain wet after that dry off any area water once you get home and allow to dry obviously. Please make sure that the handbag is completely dried before utilizing it again in order to avoid damaging the surface of the leather. Getting the bag incredibly wet or perhaps failing to dry off the surface water may cause the leather to swell which could discolour or perhaps damage the surface of the leather.

How to care for my bag?

While leather is known as a natural item and does absorb water if perhaps wet, which can led to destruction we recommend you water resistant your Zatchels bag to help protect this. The satchels and larger carriers come with a cloth bag by which to store your satchel, which keeps it guarded when you’re not really using it. In case your bag should get wet in that case please allow it to dry naturally , nor apply direct heat. Clean any lumination stains having a damp cloth and do not employ any in particular. We do offer a selection of maintenance systems which can help you protect and clean your bag.

What care products must i use in the bag?

We recommend Collonil’s leather care products for our bags and you may purchase these people directly from our care products web page. You can use it cream pertaining to cleaning the of your handbag, just put it with a soft cloth and it will help take the colour and shine back in the leather by simply cleaning aside any each day grime which has built up for the surface with the leather. After cleaning the bag we recommend household leather gel. This kind of fantastic skin gels cleaner can be used on our ranges of leather luggage.

What options are available with my bag?

All of our satchels are available in several different sizes: 14. 5, 13, 14. 5, & 16. You have the option of a deal with on our satchels in each size. If you choose to have got a deal with on your bag then all of us will also associated with strap removable. We also offer magnetic drawing a line under as a simple and fast addition to the buckles around the bag and an option of backpack design straps if you wish another option of how to wear your bag.

Suppose I do not want a cardholder on my handbag?

If your tote comes with a card holder as normal and you would prefer not to have one then you should email take a look at [email protected] com with your demand and buy details. We all will always try and help you get precisely the bag you want. You should be aware the 11. 5 satchels do not come with a card holder.

I have a unique requirement for my own bag. Could you help?

While all of our luggage are handmade to purchase, we will always do the best to accommodate your wishes. If you have an exclusive request for your bag, such as a shorter tie length or different color stitching for example , please email us at [email protected] com and we’ll do what we can for you.

Is going to my tote look like the style on your website?

Whilst every effort is built to ensure the leather we source matches the pictures on the website, take note00 that occasionally due to household leather being a organic product there can be some variation in tone and texture. This will certainly not affect the top quality of your handbag.

I’m further than disappointed to express.

I’m beyond disappointed to say to this my delivery took 9 weeks to the day, to be delivered by my initial order particular date. My carriers arrived today, yet I chased up customer service after 4 weeks and did so weekly to get clarification on my order. We am to angry at this point to touch upon the quality or perhaps not from the bags, and also have lodged a complaint since the customer encounter has been dire. This is very poor for these kinds of a reputable company like Zatchels, and I hope they will review the consumer encounter going forward.

Lifetime Assurance

All of our bags are made to last a lifetime and we concentrate on ensuring that they actually! We believe therefore strongly in the quality of our products that we guarantee our bags and if there at any time is a issue with your carrier we will repair it to suit your needs free of charge. All of our handmade leather-based bags are included in the life span guarantee. This doesn’t affect accessories such as wallets, devices etc . You should be aware: samples and sample sale items are sold as viewed and excluded from the lifetime guarantee.

What really does the Lifetime Assure cover?

👍 What is protected:

The Life span Guarantee includes anything that ceases you to be able to use your bag like a bag. A broken connection that halts you undertaking the tote up is covered, whereas one that is showing put on from numerous openings and closings isn’t. Rivets popping out, straps or perhaps attachments breaking are all protected. Please note: while leather is known as a natural item and does absorb water in the event that wet, which will led to destruction, we recommend you waterproof your Zatchels bag to assist protect it.

👎 Precisely what is not protected:

The Lifetime Guarantee doesn’t cover cosmetic wear towards the leather with the bag or maybe the surface remedying of the leather. Several of our bags that have a surface surface finish such as a steel foil or perhaps cracked surface will wear with time, changing the look of the handbag. This put on is cosmetic and doesn’t affect the integrity of the bag itself and so isn’t included in the ensure. It also doesn’t cover any kind of damage to the bag resulting from misuse or water damage. Since all of our bags are made from genuine leather it is crucial to protect the area with a water proofer and prevent the bag getting exceedingly wet. Using the bag as the leather is definitely wet may lead to extensive harm to the leather by itself. Similarly should you spill color on your tote or your puppy chews a hole in it we all won’t be able to help.

Do i require a receipt or any proof of purchase?

You actually will need your original buy number or perhaps receipt with proof of obtain. You can find the bag IDENTIFICATION number imprinted on a ingredients label inside the bag or within the certificate of authenticity that your handbag came with.

Are definitely the repairs free?

We conduct all fixes free of charge. The only cost is the postage price to all of us and a small charge pertaining to returning the bag returning to once it has been repaired. The repairs crew will be able to inform you the exact cost for area when you contact them.

Can a restoration make my own bag good as new?

Repaired hand bags are be subject to the quality checking out process in the same way new ones are so your bag will probably be thoroughly examined before we return it to you. Having said that due to the mother nature of particular types of repairs and normal deterioration, it is not often possible to come back your handbag to it is original condition. In the event that elements of the bag will need replacing such as a new strap or replacement unit attachments we all will always try and match the leather as tightly as we can easily. If this kind of isn’t conceivable, for instance in the event the bag is actually a discontinued item or new edition we no longer have natural leather for, we all will get in touch with you with a advised leather before performing the repair.

Who will be repairing my tote?

All vehicle repairs are done within our factory in Leicester by the same folks who make all of our bags. The bag could even be mended by the same person who caused it to be in the first place.


We deliver our luggage worldwide. As a result of shipping restrictions, we can just ship maintenance systems to landmass UK tackles.

What are shipping costs?

UK shipping is usually FREE in the event you spend above £100 or else, there is a charge:

🇬🇧 British £4. 60🇪🇺 Europe £9. 50🇨🇳 Chinese suppliers and Hong Kong £14. 40🌍 Rest of Globe £14. 60

No extra carriage costs are utilized when ordering more than one handbag. Please note: this does not include any kind of duties or perhaps customs which may be payable. Zatchels is not responsible for any kind of customs or perhaps duty charges payable on delivery until otherwise stated. Unfortunately we all cannot deliver to PO boxes.

What is delivery time?

Our hand bags are independently handcrafted to order specifically for you. Take note00 that your bag could take up to twenty one days to get made. Great britain deliveries appear the next day of the week after distribute. Other countries may take extra few days for delivery. Take note: personalised bags may take a day or two longer being delivered nevertheless rest assured we will send it to you when it is all set.

How will my own bag get there?

Your bag will be delivered inside a durable sealed package. Every bag comes with a qualification of credibility and its very own unique quantity. As an additional special feel our satchels, and larger luggage come in a Zatchels towel bag, simply perfect for keeping the bag secure in between trips.

How can I track my purchase?

We sends you a tracking link in an email confirmation and a second email from your courier to verify that the order continues to be despatched. You may then use this url to track your order immediate with the courier website.

What if I was not in when the handbag arrives?

The courier will attempt delivery on your address no more than 2 times. Should you be unavailable, they will leave a card with information regarding your delivery. If you need to collect your parcel by a website or mailbox then consider you take the card as well as ID. If someone else will probably be collecting the parcel on your behalf then they require your IDENTIFICATION as well as their particular.

What happens in case the bag does not arrive?

In the very rare function that the bag would not arrive, make sure you call us on +44 (0) 1162 489 345 or email us at [email protected] com When we dispatch your carrier we will send you an email confirmation with a tracking url to help you monitor the parcel if there are any difficulties with delivery.

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