Find out how our company works

Firstly, you have to make an order. It is easy enough to make (using special form on our webpage). We prefer the first method - a way of using the social networks. At this point we assigned to you a personal account manager, who after placing the order will contact you in order to get all the needed information and tell you the cost of the writing.

Secondly, when ordering, specify the information given below.

By order (or simply to see the cost), include the listed points:

  • the kind and the topic of the work;
  • the discipline;
  • work plan (available, not available, is irrelevant, not / require approval);
  • clearance operation (standard on guidelines of the special) (attach file);
  • the volume of the paper and the number of partitions;
  • language of work;
  • the deadline when the work should be given to you;
  • the contact information so we can be in touch;
  • additional information (availability of material, work pieces, etc.).

Thirdly, it is necessary to make an advance part-payment or completely pay for the paper. We offer any suitable way.

Fourth, when you have made an advance payment, we begin to work. Completion date of the paper is discussed with you in advance. We commit ourselves and a great responsibility to prepare high-quality work for you. Your manager will always be in touch with you to make you know about the progress of the paper, or to take your comments and suggestions for changes.

Finally, your work is finished! You will be informed about it by our manager. The paper will be sent on your e-mail or if you are a partaker - on a personal page.

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