How to write a journal paper

Journalistic articles allow the reader of newspapers and magazines to express their views on a variety of topics, from local to international disputes accidents.

Prepare for writing articles

Trying to understand how to write a journal paper, choose a theme to which you want to write your op-ed. This topic should be somehow connected with what is happening at the moment in the world.

Define your argument. As a journalistic article, your job is to contain a particular point of view. If you are not passionate about the topic about which you write, then you should choose a different theme.

For a good understanding of what you're talking about, you will need to carry out research:

  • read relevant articles on the Internet,
  • view archives
  • socialize in people
  • are directly involved in these events,
  • gather your own information from primary sources.

Make a plan of your article. You should organize your article so that each part of it supported your argument. Always start with the argument of journalistic articles.

Write an article

Write a strong introductory offer and immediately present your argument. Start with a strong opening sentence, which clearly shows what will be discussed in your article.

Use vivid details and examples in order to hold the attention of your reader. Readers remember most interesting parts than dry facts.

Show readers why they should be interested in this problem. If readers feel as if the theme of your article does not affect them directly, they will not lose interest in it. Make your article private for each reader.

Do not be afraid to reveal them in your article. This means that you should use your own voice to convey to the readers of your argument and cause specific examples to support your position.

Do not use the passive voice and jargon. Your article urges readers to become more knowledgeable about a specific issue or topic and take some action, not just to think about something new.

Do not forget about the other side. It is important to mention the people who oppose your point of view. It will make your article better.

Include recommendations for the resolution of the problem, about which you say in your article. A journalistic article, which simply describes the problem, but does not offers any possible solutions, is less likely to publish than an article that offers alternatives and solutions.

Complete your article on a high note. You will need a solid final paragraph in which you once again your argument and move your article to a good end, which will remain in the reader's memory after he put the paper down.

Remember that brevity - the sister of talent. As a general rule, you should keep your sentences and paragraphs short and clear.

Nearly all publications are subjected to editing journalistic articles, but usually your style, voice and point of view will be left unchanged.

Publish article

Do not worry about the title of the article. Newspapers themselves create headlines for journalistic articles. So do not waste your time coming up with the title.

Check whether your paper guide for journalists. These requirements include information that should be sent to the editor, in addition to the article. The article can be sent to the newspaper by e-mail.

Be sure to include all necessary contact information. Along with the article, you should send a few sentences about yourself:

  • How do you relate to the theme of your article?
  • Why do you have enough expertise on the subject?
  • Your telephone number, postal and e-mail address.

Turn graphic material. Today editors are welcome:

  • photo,
  • recording,
  • table,
  • diagrams
  • graphics and so on.

Indicate the presence of this material in your letter to the editor.

Advise on how to write a journal paper

As you can see, to understand how to write a journal paper is rather difficult, so if you still do not understand how to do this, our authors are always ready to come to your aid. We guarantee that will help you write a really quality article.

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