How to write a personal narrative essay

The personal narrative essay - a good way to improve writing skills, then you will discover the real world of memoirs and autobiographies.

Thinking on how to write a personal narrative essay, consider the main points:

  • Select an event. The essay needs to display one event in your life.
  • Identify the narrator of history.
  • Think over the plot. Not always is right to describe it.
  • Make an outline of the plot. This will help you organize your thoughts, make the necessary changes and choose the style of narration.

Write the first draft

When you are deciding on how to write a personal narrative essay, first of all you should start with the planning of draft.

Start the essay with confidence. The beginning - the most important part of the work, it should be tightened and intrigue the reader.

The essay must have an introduction, main part and conclusion. The main event should be placed in the main part and fitting end at the end.

The essay must somehow influence the reader. It can make him reevaluate their moral principles, to understand the behavior of another person, or just touch up on the idea. Focus on this in the final part.

Use dialogue. Work on the dialogue, in which through the style and manner of conversation would disclose the individual characters.

Do not invent something unusual. If someone in fact something was said, it is not necessary to assign him these words in the essay. Try to present the events as close as possible to the reality of history.

Do not forget about the details of sensations. Mention all five senses:

  • taste,
  • smell,
  • touch,
  • vision
  • sound.

Expand your vocabulary. Bright words create in the imagination of a bright image.

Use similes and metaphors. Compare events and things with each other. This will help the reader to better understand what is happening.

Gather all together. Most likely, in front of you is a retelling of fun, emotional, dynamic and exciting events. Rereading it, break it down, add emphasis where it is needed, and clear details that seem superfluous.

This is only a first draft. Some writers need to write three, four, five, six drafts before the essay becomes whole. Sensibly evaluate their work, to notice inaccuracies, add images, dialogues, rearrange parts in places.

Bring the essay to perfection

Find the editor, whether a friend or family member. Ask him to read your essay. It would be better if the editor had never heard of the essay and is not a party to it - so he can be impartial and more objective.

Do not be afraid to ask the critics. If the reader cannot grasp the plot, it should tell you about it! Questionable part is rewritten.

Follow the course of the narrative, and clarity of thought. Take a break and give the brain a rest, and then look at the essay with fresh eyes, to understand that it is necessary to change or update.

Check punctuation, grammar and spelling. The simplest error is always the most difficult to notice. If one of your friends is well versed in spelling, ask him to check the essay.

Make sure that the essay written in clear language for the reader. Use words and terms that match the age and maturity level of your audience.



If you are thinking about how to write a essay about yourself, pay special attention to the following points:

  • Remember that the essay itself is not to be fiction.
  • Do not use too fanciful metaphors and similes. A good metaphor should not distract the reader their pretentiousness.


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