How to write a proposal for a research paper

The study design allows the competitive commission or supervisor to identify the potential according to the next points:

  • candidate has studied the resources and already made studies on the problems;
  • scientific issues is actual and interesting for supervisor;
  • the candidate is able to plan his researches.

It is necessary to make a plan on order to show that the candidate:

  • identified scientific problem;
  • has a basis on theory and has identify the research method to study the problem within convenient means and a reasonable period of time;
  • bring something in the question that is studied.

What is the plan of studies?

At the beginning start with notes on how to write a proposal for a research paper.

The first page must include next information:

  • Name, date of birth, nationality and contact information;
  • The working title of the research paper or thesis (title should accurately show the main idea of the study and, preferably, the method of investigation to include keywords on which the study can be classified);
  • A realistic time period that it is planned to make the research;
  • The name of the supervisor you want to work with; the department name, where you are planning to make a research; the information about the other professors with whom you want to cooperate (if applicable);
  • A list of your projects that have previously received funding from the Department of Science Foundation or those you are applying, to highlight that your work is in line with their scientific interests and mission.

Summary of the proposed project

Overview should be made on one page, and be focused on the idea of work, its actual aspects. The information need to be clear. We must try to clearly define the specifications of the study.

Literature review

It succinctly describes the state of affairs in the field of the offered study, which is directly linked with you scientific research.

It needs to adhere to the next guidelines:

  • shows t other scientists’ works that are the most important in your research;
  • mark the main theoretical aspects that are related with your work;
  • point out that you are in all modern scientific “trends”;
  • designate your paper’s problem.

You should mark the preliminary work that that you made before in order to solve the problem of your research, if it applies to you. For example, the copies of your publications on the subject of the study can be attached.

Objectives of the study

It is important to designate the academic and probable social, economic and political and other goals you are planning to achieve with your research.

The reader need to know why your work is important and worthy of investment of effort and money. It means that you must to show the importance of your projects, its significance from the point of theory and practical usage.

Project description

There is the central part in the research plan. It is the point where you have to specify in details how do you plan on getting the information for the study, how you are going to analyze the data, what the time frame set, what methods will be used to collect data, how you are going to monitor the validity of the information, some statistical methods will be used, how resources will be analyzed, etc.


Make a schedule, where specify the order of stages of your work and the time that is needed for the effectuation of each stage you mentioned. It is better to make it in form of table


Thinking on how to write a proposal for a research paper, it is necessary to make the list of the resources that have been mentioned in the work description, as well as other important research on your theme.


It lists the documents you attach to work, such as your resume, recommendations, the plan, etc.


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