How to write a research paper fast

While studying in high school and higher education, you will inevitably come across with the problem how to write a research paper fast - in fact, to conduct a study of various scientific, technical and social aspects of a phenomenon.

Choosing a theme

Ask yourself important questions about the upcoming work, so you can understand how to write a research paper fast. You may have to act within the boundaries of a clearly defined task, but even so you have to choose the topic of work. This is the first and most important step of her:

  • Choose a topic that you like.
  • Be original.
  • Listen to the advice. If you find it difficult to choose the right theme, ask for advice from a teacher or classmates.
  • Do not be afraid to change the subject.

Conducting research

Begin a study of the chosen theme. Thus, the theme you have chosen. Then we begin to study the theme.

The sources for the study may be:

  • sites
  • magazines,
  • books,
  • encyclopedia
  • interview
  • individual blog posts.

Spend an empirical study. Imagine an article or a book written by a recognized expert on the subject you investigated, which was read and approved by other experts on the issue you researched.

Look in the library. Do not be afraid to seek the help of librarians, because, after all, their job is and is to help library visitors.

Look materials network. Evaluate the suitability of found materials is critical.

Use scientific databases. There are special search engines and academic databases, which are indexed thousands of scientific papers, magazines and books.

Preparation of a draft version

Write the summary. This step is crucial:

  • read the found material,
  • make relevant notes and comments,
  • emphasize basic facts and statements.

Place your order in your materials. In this case, it is appropriate to divide all categories-topics.

Prepare a preliminary list of literature. Working with materials, do not forget to write the authors, year of publication, publisher, number of pages and, most importantly, the same page that you find the desired information.

Determine the purpose of your writing work.

Discussion research builds on a controversial issue, or argues for a particular point of view. Analytical research offers the basis for a fresh perspective on any important issue. Write a preliminary thesis, based on objective research.

Identify the main article questions, go back to all your harvested material and rough sketches, and see what questions are going through a red thread.

Do not forget about the requirements for formatting. Depending on what kind of article you write, it may apply different requirements for registration.

Preparing the finishing version

Begin work on the text of the article. Start with a description of everything that supports your thesis. You can slightly change the ideas and comments, to manipulate them.

Take intensive, detailed comments. If you express opinions, without supporting them with the facts, it will be bad.

The transition from point to point must be smooth. Make sure that the transition from paragraph to paragraph gives readers easy.

Write a conclusion. Now that you have carefully worked out their work, write a conclusion, in which all information is found wearing a final character will be briefly described. It would be better if you write a conclusion prior to the entry.

Write entry. Introduction, by and large, are the opposite of the conclusion, and even spell it the other way around. Start with a broader mind, and then go exactly to your topic.

Provide a list of references. Here you must specify all sources of information used in writing the work.

Edit your sketch. Carefully read your work, and better yet - give it to one or two friends to check.

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