How to write an essay conclusion

Think about the end of the essay as a bow on a beautifully wrapped gift. It connects all the pieces together and your essay is a polished piece. In the final part of your need to sum up all what was said in your essay.

Jot down your ideas for the ending

A great way to understand how to write an essay conclusion - it is to imagine that your reader asked you about writing.

Thinking on how to write an essay conclusion, make a list of the main ideas of his essay. Understanding what the main idea of your essay, you can better understand what you should include in the final part. You do not need to squeeze every item and sub-item in the ending: just display the most important thing.

Look for topics that you have described in the first paragraph. Appeal to the point from which you started, will help you complete the essay. Consider whether you can develop the theme.

Consider whether you can link the idea with another context. One of the many useful ways to complete the essay can be regarded as an increase in the importance of the topic to a wider context.

Write the final part

Start with a small transition. This could be a hint to the reader that you are going to finish the essay, and that it should be closely monitored. Despite the fact that most of the last paragraph of the essay begins with the transition, you do not need to do this if you feel that is so clear that you finish an essay.

Briefly summarize the main ideas. Try to consider each paragraph first sentence and in another way to rewrite the main ideas of two or three sentences. This will give credibility to your essay by reminding the reader of what was discussed and what you discussed.

Be concise. No specific canon ending your length, but for the majority of the essays in high school and the university a good rule of thumb is that your ending should be about 5-7 sentences.

Make sure that you include abstracts, if you have them in the ending. If you had a thesis, you should refer it to the end.

Find a way to recycle the thesis in an interesting way with the help of other speech designs. Rewriting the thesis using the same words to discourage the reader and does not allow penetrating the essence of your essay.

Write in the subject deliberately. Sounding authority - means to select the correct word (do not use obsolete words), relying on codes and evidence from reliable sources, and believing in their own writing skills.

Finish spectacular stroke. Your last sentence should be elegant, provocative and to the point. This is easier said than done. But it all starts with the illustration of the essence of your essay.

Add the ending a bit of irony. Thus, the ending of your essay will be particularly provocative.

Refer to the emotions. Most of the essays are often rational, when people forget to write about emotions. Therefore an appeal to emotions can be a powerful option to complete the essay.

Avoide common pitfalls

  • Avoid a restatement of the thesis. A common problem with many endings is that they simply retold thesis and summarize what has already been discussed.
  • Do not use quotes. Usually there is no need to complete an essay or an analysis of quote - this is what you should have done in the body of the essay.
  • Do not use stilted language. Do not get too carried away or secondary pompous words in the end.
  • Do not enter in the end the new material. Now is not the time to introduce new ideas or fullness.
  • Do not focus on minor points or ideas in an essay. The ending is not the best time to pick on the little things in your essay.
  • Never forget again to read the essay after writing. Check your spelling, grammar and punctuation.
  • Always try to trim up to date information for the ending. Also try to link ending with the thesis to show the reader that your arguments are related to the topic of the essay.

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