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Positioned between Of india and Asia, Burma is known as a southeast Cookware nation

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Burma has a inhabitants 75 mil with the Muslim population becoming just zero. 7 million. The Burmese Muslims had been under this kind of affliction following 1962 if the Army usurped the power in Burma. All this started upon 3rd 06 2012 when ever 11 blameless Muslims had been killed by the Burmese Armed service and the Buddhist mobs following bringing all of them down via a bus

Over 500 Muslim towns have been incinerated hither-to. Thousands have been exterminated. Yet all of the human privileges organizations have got maintained a criminal quiet up until now.

This is simply not a new point or an unprecedented massacre. Muslims have already been a subject to such violence even before. Whenever we go through the annals of history we come face to face with the very tenable conclusion that Muslims were always within the suffering side. Islam is known as a religion of peace and harmony. This kind of leaves behind a major question mark. How come the fans of such a calm religion being oppressed every now and then?

TURKEY is a first Islamic country that concerns regarding burma MuslimsВ В he perhaps there is to talk to Burma's government, Masha allah! the ladies who yowls is the ministers wife whom meets there with Muslim Women. L. R

ts not about not regarding religion, their not about nationalism and its not even about racism, its just about humankind! If you have acquired humanity in yourself, and if you're not even capable of showing that off, just don't not in favor of it! В The question to Budhists is merely that really does their religion teach getting rid of other religion believers? В

If therefore , then you will be the only terrorists, not those innocents that have been getting wiped out in Pakistan and Afghanistan by CONSUSTANCIAL and those drones, NATO ought to come right now there in Burma to eliminate terrorism from there if humans will be being wiped out by the wolf and pigs(animals) there, of course, if not, in that case just for least end up being human and show up your humanity! And i speculate the maximum has forgot that what mankind actually means,...

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