Lipton case study

 Lipton case study Essay

Company fatigue

The Tea marketplace in Pakistan is showing a consistent decline for previous several years. The trend seems universal as the sub-continent is definitely facing a identical situation. Subsequently the tea cartel in India have been visible upon mass media through a category campaign in an effort to stymie the persistent fall.

With a national industry of 200, 000 in addition tons this year, the following wide-ranging break- up unveils the industry dynamics.

Brand name Tea

Un- branded Tea

115, 500

90, 1000


205, 000 loads

Unilever and Tapal will be the leading businesses in this industry with key shares of 37 & 39% correspondingly. Key brands dominate the marketplace as follows: Tapal -premium




27 %

18 %

17 %


Unilever markets A-1 Karak- another brand in its tea portfolio- to draw the lower rate of the marketplace. It makes the company the other largest inside the tea category. However , elevating growth of Tapal and incessant land of Lipton is being a matter of severe concern intended for the congomolarate. Despite repositioning several times – from Cellier cha hi yai kaun see janaab to " Clear the mind” and " Regular Medium and strong”, they may have yet going to the right strings so far. The brand name has the maximum TOM and recall. But it's no . 2 within the list. Lipton can be described as premium priced brand with over 20 % high selling price than Tapal and 8 % more than Great. It is the highest quality tea in the market. In 3 years ago, Lipton knowledgeable the initial growth in 14 years following running a CP for total year supplying a load up of glucose, Everyday tea whitener gibeciere, mug and Gerry's 10 free hours of internet on the quarterly basis. The same nevertheless couldn't invoke a similar response next year.

Globally it's located as a mild, sophisticated tea for the young and upper segment of SEC A and B+ (LSM 7+). Unilever Int'l insists in marketing that as a light tea although strong tea liking can be dominant in this part of the community. They believe Supreme and A-1 karak

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