Management Survey of Microsoft company

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Management Statement: MICROSOFT

Introduction (Abstract and Methodology) Microsoft is the world largest software program developer probably. (Microsoft, 2012) It is the sector leader inside the computing related business before three decades. The success the fact that corporation offers attained has been commonly lauded globally. Microsoft's product have been famous for the practicability and originality. The corporation has been studied in its marketing effort yet relatively less in its operational aspect. This kind of management record will be talking about the procedure strategies followed by Microsoft. Specifically, the new product development strategy adopted by Microsoft will be investigated, namely the task of releasing tablet ‘Surface'. Diagrams and tables will be applied to aid the survey findings. The launch of ‘Surface' will probably be discussed in details inside the later parts of the statement. Also, the actual threats that Microsoft may well face will probably be anticipated.


Business Technique and related new product development of Microsoft

Through this section of the report, the operation tactics employed by Microsoft company in relation to it is New Product Creation (NPD) will probably be discussed. The crucial factors that affect the operation quality of Microsoft will probably be investigated. Over the discussion, the theories of order-winning and qualifying goals will be used in assistance intended for illustrating the analysis. Inside the fast-changing environment that Microsoft company naturally makes its presence felt, the New Product Development is always ranked top in the business plan. Reportedly, Microsoft spent 17% of their earnings on the Research and Development (R& D) department. In contrast to the market top artists, Apple and Sony, Microsoft company spent a much larger part of revenue about its R& D. (Gizmodo, 2010) This kind of enormous figure implicates how high that Microsoft views in its NPD process.

Fig. 1 The spending on R& D from Ms, Apple & Sony (Gizmodo, 2010)

The New Product Development Process can be generalized into seven stages: cool product opportunity, thought generation, idea screening, organization analysis, prototype development, check marketing and commercialization. (Boddy, 2011) Throughout the � 2

procedure, Microsoft can be used to put the emphasis on the stages of ‘prototype development and ‘test marketing' ahead of the official kick off of a cool product. On modele development stage, Microsoft could modify the product in a accelerating manner that initiated by rough and broad requirements. (Biazzo, 2009) Microsoft provides the tendency to unveil it is test advertising in a visible manner. It may be referred to their prior test out marketing of ‘Self Provide Ads', which will aimed at competing with the ‘Adsense' from Yahoo in the home serve advertising and marketing market. (Online Marketing Tendencies, 2012) An additional sound case could be traced back to 2009, which Microsoft welcomes the industry testing asked by Euro Commission in its products of Microsoft Home windows and Microsoft Office. (Microsoft, 2009)

Inside the theory of ‘order-winning and qualifying objectives', there are three types of factors that may affect the operation performance: ‘order-winning' elements, ‘orderqualifying' factors and ‘less-important' factors. (Slack, Chambers & Johnston, 2012) The ‘order-winning' factors will offer Microsoft the competitive benefits in the industry to gain a leading position. For the ‘order-qualifying' elements, they will support Microsoft to keep up its competitiveness in the processing and computer software market.

While Microsoft is a market leader in the processing developer's sector, the ‘orderwinning' factors will assert even more influence upon Microsoft operation performance during NPD. It can be identified that in the software market, quality and flexibility are definitely the major procedure indicators to create Microsoft outshines the rest. For instance, the weaknesses in software might generate the interest...

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