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HELIC. AL002Artefactos de Dolor – La Nia

La NinaHow does your pain establish you?

Foreign people in a international land. Unrequited love. Cracked homes. Household violence. Airport terminal illness. Loss of life. Distance. Injury. Financial damage. Absence. How can your discomfort define you?

La Nia is the album from Artefactos de Stroke. Recounting ordinaire past and present struggles, La Nia is a cathartic exercise to confront the pain that exists in every of us; the scars that form the faces, bodies, and spirits. Each track exposes a facet of soreness that manifests inside the incomer; the local; the nomad; the hermit; the dreamer; the thinker; the scorned; the lover.

A. D. D. was formed in 2017 by simply Mexican specialist Alyssa Cecilia Barrera Auvinen, and NEW YORK CITY [by way of Ohio] vets Todd Sines [Interval,. xtrak] and Charles Noel [Interval, Archetyp]. Raised in the contentious Mexican/US border area of Renovado Laredo, MX and Laredo, TX. Alyssa is the girl of a dad from a criadore sobre gallos familia, with a long tradition of champion cock-fighters. Alyssa’s premiere release as LDY OSC was first released in 2017 with a sole and a great EP around the Bunker Nyc, with two forthcoming releases on Squirrels on Film and Kontra-Musik. She at present resides in Vienna with her hubby Johannes Auvinen (TIN MAN), where the lady works on music production and vintage synthesizer repairs. Alyssa leads the trio’s plunge into uncharted cenotes around the second discharge on HELIC. AL. Since their creation, they have headlined the levels of Synthposium in Moscow, Russia, furthermore to select schedules in NEW YORK CITY, Tokyo, Oregon, San Francisco and Detroit, MI.

Wading through dozens of trials Sines manufactured whilst beta testing do it yourself synths, the trio honed in in 11 selections to form the basis of La Nia. Conjuring Wixaritari ceremonies, Alyssa screeches, chants, shrills and squawks like an omni-directional exorcism in forward and reverse, crammed with indigenous Mayan sounds such as the pillo tortuga Turtle bird breeze instrument found on Ritmo Fundamental. With Sines on clarinet, bass, any guitar, and development; and Noel on choc, bass, whispers, and synths; the trio volley their particular rhythmic, melodic and textural energies to produce new spots for Alyssa’s vocals to suggest, command, and jump as the fulcrum between.

La Niadebut upon Inverted Music

A bolder-than-bold combination of skills, Artefactos Para Dolor (Spanish for Pain Artifacts) makes for a truly idiosyncratic and excellent outfit within our age of widely smoothed-down, nearly rendered aesthetics. Comprised of vocalist Alyssa Barricada (ldy Osc, The Bunker) and multi-talented producers Jake Sines (Peacefrog, Planet Electronic, Residual) and Charles Noel (21/22, Ongaku, Black Nation), the US terno head remote the beaten track and into the untamed, eager to check out further the darkest alcoves abuting professional techno and EBM territories.

Focusing on the rugged character of electronic devices and the wealth of potentialities omitted unplumbed by main intersection wayfarers, Sines, Noel and Barrera aim to shake the scene free from the normative doxy’s yoke, by building a appear entirely emancipated from uninteresting functionality and worn out floor-friendly patterns; their debut LP, La Nia, setting especially high development standards in this regard.

Lifted from the record, due out mid-July about HELIC. ‘S, our hottest Ritmo Primal is, as the name advises, a much primitive-sounding affair. Just like plunging in to the throbbing heart of a beautiful Andaean forest, brimming with unknown animal sounds and shapeless incantatory whispers from the depths of time, it’s a mystic voyage into the the majority of lively of canopies wish invited to, as Put provide the downtempo acid complies with Mexican people soundtrack to mescalin-altered divagations a la Carlos Castaneda. End to end mind-bending stuff, you might have been aware.


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TransmitUnited states techno and minimal veterans indulge all their mutual point for auf grund post-punk and EBM-flirting variations.

In 1986, something transformed. Experimental music crept in the mainstream by way of cable coding and made available a new universe to unsuspecting youth desire for more. The seed for INTERVAL was planted in the 13-year-old brain of Jake Sines. From early groups ranging from punk, industrial, sound and techno, it wasn’t until 1991, where he fulfilled his audio better half, Charles Noel aka Archetyp inside the formation of Body Launch, with Titonton and Michael Szewczyk otherwise known as Textbeak if they really acquired the ball rolling.

twenty-five years on, with countless produces for Peacefrog, Ghostly, Globe E, 7th City, Ongaku, Raw Blend and Festival Co., their burning wish to leave a dent in the world of post-punk, industrial, EBM and noise has ended in INTERVAL’s send, their first on HELIC. AL, showcasing their close friend Andries Boekelman on striper. Tracked and mixed employing Sines’s assortment of vintage analog consoles, recording machines and effects models, it’s a leaving from the significantly sterile digital environment the majority of have come to enjoy. Instead, they’ve dumped laptops and pitch-correction for analogue time modulators designed for Stevie Wonder, and delays & reverbs dreamt up by simply Factory Records’ Martin Hannett. Self-described while post-punk fresh shoegaze goth beat-driven mechanical dirges of love and lust, INTERVAL is actually happens when you take skilled electronic music producers who also wear all their broken minds on their fleshlight sleeves and find them back to their very own formative beginnings.


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