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The Program The MFA intended for Poets and Writers on the University of Massachusetts Amherst is a three-year program committed to writing training courses and the completion of a book-length manuscript in prose or perhaps poetry

MFA Committee about Studies (COS) All MFA students need to assemble a COS to assist in planning for a program of studies built to foster an elementary knowledge of difficulties field, both in depth and breadth, and facilitate the students’ progression in their picked genre(s). The chair from the COS needs to be chosen by […]

Digital Media – Culture: Collaborative Essay Collection 2018

Mass Media Is A fundamental element of Everyday Life Mass media is an important part of everyday life. Contemporary society depends on the several forms of press for information, education, and personal entertainment. Mass media positively and in a negative way influences beliefs, values, and expands knowledge to bring consciousness to various interpersonal events. Media […]