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A Relatively Formal Analysis within the Sounds in the Witcher three or more: Wild Hunt

Building Space Through Non-Diegetic Music InDark Souls, appear is used to control and focus player focus in a way similar to that described by Sterne. Instead of background and downroad music, space is sonically structured through the presence of non-diegetic music in the various nexus areas and manager fights, and through the omission of non-diegetic […]

Nature by simply Ralph Waldo Emerson

The Great Traversers By Ralph Waldo Emerson three transcendental ideas, as presented by Ralph Waldo Emerson, and Holly David Thoreau) In this heart I have simply discovered Emerson. For four decades I have well-known something about him, of coursethat he was a mystical philosopher; the apostle of transcendentalism in America…. (Abbot, lines 9-10). From within […]