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March 2013


FloraВ andВ FaunaВ refer to plant and wildlife. The local plant and wildlife of any geographical location is often called that region'sВ floraВ andВ fauna. Both are collective terms, discussing groups of grow or wildlife specific into a region or possibly a time period. В FloraВ is a word of Latin origin mentioning toВ Flora, the goddess of flowers. В ItВ can refer to a grouping of plants, a disquisition of any group of plant life, as well as to bacterias. В ItВ is the fundamental of the wordВ floral, which means associated with flowers. В FaunaВ can refer to the pet life or perhaps classification of animals of a certain region, time frame, or environment. В FaunaВ is likewise of Latina origin. In Roman MythologyВ FaunaВ was the sibling of Faunus, a good heart of the forest and plains.



* Local species which lives the natural way in many locations in that nation. It may or may not be found far away. InВ biogeography, aВ speciesВ is defined as native (orВ indigenous) into a given place orВ ecosystemВ if its presence in that region may be the result of only natural operations, with no individual intervention. Every naturalВ organismВ (as against aВ domesticatedВ organism) possesses its own natural array of distribution in which it is viewed as native. A great indigenous kinds is certainly not necessarilyВ endemic. In biology and ecology, native to the island means entirely native towards the biota of a specific place. An native species might occur in areas other than the one under consideration. ENDEMIC SPECIES

* Native to the island species one which is found in that country simply and nowhere fast else. An ‘Endemic Species' is one that is only present in that area and nowhere else in the world. As such they are really of preservation concern because they are not widespread and may always be confined to only one or two protected areas. INTRODUCED VARIETIES

2. Introduced species one which person brought in by another nation either purposely or by accident. An released species may eventually develop endemic types if isolated long enough in the new terrain. AnВ introduced, В alien, В exotic, В non-indigenous, orВ non-nativeВ species, or just anВ introduction, can be aВ speciesВ living outside the house itsВ native distributional range, which includes arrived generally there byВ humanВ activity, both deliberate or perhaps accidental.


* Regular Migrant

Atlas of bird's migration: identifies the various types of immigration such as altitudinal etc . yet states regular migrations are regular, occurring at the same time every year, and fixed in distance and direction. Shorebirds of Quotes, Lane and Davies: " Strict migrant”: most of their population moves annually among traditional breeding and non-breeding areas; to a strict schedule Reader's Process Complete Book: regular, annual movement of any whole population or a significant part of this between 2 areas, every single of which is usually occupied to get part of the yr, usually 1 for mating Atlas of Australian Parrots: moves frequently from one area to another, often from mating to non-breeding area and back again.


2. Accidental Migrant workers - are birds introduced the Philippines by solid winds, such as the northeast monsoon winds and typhoons.


* Passageway Migrants

Fowl that passes through on migration, generally in slide and early spring, does not continue to be for most of the winter or perhaps summer. Refers to migration since " seasonal”. Birds getting through on immigration from one point out another but is not stopping more than Atlas of Australian Birds: migrant observed at a spot...

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