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Xenia inside the Odyssey Composition

The value of Food in the Journey

In The Odyssey, Homer uses fear of the gods to portray the concept of Xenia, which means hospitality to all, to live a regular and content life. About multiple situations people ignore this idea and in consequence get a ability of bad luck. For example , the suitors that stay in Odysseus’ house happen to be terrible friends. They obtain brutally killed by Odysseus. Polyphemus feeds on several of Odysseus’ crew friends. Polyphemus gets blinded simply by Odysseus. Aegisthus does selected unstated acts with Agamemnon’s wife, in that case kills Agamemnon

Hospitality Is actually a Recurring Topic Throughout The Odyssey

The Lack of Hospitality In Polyphemos In The Ancient greek language Culture Food is a continuing theme through the entire Odyssey. Be it how Penelope and the persons at Ithaca treat their particular guests, or how Oddyseus and his friends are welcome in many with the lands they will arrive to, hospitality is revealed like a significant characteristic and value in the Ancient Greek society. Inside the Odyssey simply by Homer, Odysseus, the main figure, has different types of encounters during his lengthy years of adventure. In

Food As A Code Of Execute

Hospitality was deeply embedded in ancient greek language culture. Hospitality was very important and seen as a code of conduct. The definition of used to explain the concept of Ancient Greek hospitality was xenia. Xenia is basically the generosity and courtesy shown to guests, other people, or those far from house. Xenia includes two guidelines. The first rule is from web host to guests, in which the sponsor must be hospitable to the guest and provide simple needs (food, drink, and a bath). The host also has to support all questioning

Why Is Xenia Such an Crucial Theme inside the Odyssey?

How come Xenia such an important motif in the Odyssey? Explain the views and support associated with details in the poem. (45 marks) The idea of guest hospitality was essential in historic Greece. Evidence that Xenia was integral to Ancient greek language society are located in the fact that Zeus, the king of the Gods, was also portrayed as the God of Xenia. Xenia created a duty for the host to get hospitable with their guests, and conversely, everyone had their particular responsibilities also. If both

Calypso imprisonment of Odysseus vs . Circe’s offering of hospitality and love.

In the first parallels there are two distinct scenarios presented namely the imprisonment of Odysseus and the food shown to him by Circe. In the case of Calypso Odysseus was found by the sea nymph after his ship was wrecked due to the fury of Poseidon. After which it he spent seven years in the captivity of the ocean nymph as a result of her dropping madly in love with Odysseus and wanting him to become her mate. Under the guest host marriage concept, Calypso is actually playing the part of a good host.

Despite the fact that her dad is Poseidon she nonetheless chose to help Odysseus the moment she discovered him laundered up on the shore of her isle, Ogygia. In this instance Calypso efficiently fulfills the first facet of the guest-host relationship in that she welcomes a guest which has come to her home in need.

While Odysseus might be criticized in various texts as a result of his activities with Claypso wherein he did not make an attempt to immediately avoid after improving, the fact is still that Odysseus was in truth fulfilling the 2nd half of the guest-host relationship in that he was correctly and pleasantly receiving the gift of food that was handed.

For the ancient Greeks the concept of hospitality does not only extend towards the manner in which it absolutely was given but instead in the way it truly is received as well as the inherent outcomes of the reception. For example in the matter of the island of Thrinacia in which Odysseus fantastic men were allowed to land by the The almighty Apollo different members from the crew broken the guests sponsor relationship by hunting the cattle of Apollo (Greek life, 1).

The result was the death of all crew associates except Odysseus who made it the resulting shipwreck. Out of this it can be viewed that for the web host, violating the guest-host romantic relationship by if she is not open and friendly to guests leads to the difficulty of the Gods descending after him nevertheless the reverse is usually true in which guests which in turn not stick to proper mannerisms behind the guest-host marriage will also obtain some form of misfortune.

The consequences lurking behind the reception of the hospitality is actually one of the driving factors behind why Odysseus had to stick with Calypso intended for seven years, he would not want to break the guest-host relationship by simply leaving because it was evident that Calypso was in love with him especially when taking into consideration the fact that the lady had salvaged his your life.

In other words it might be seen that for the Greeks there is also a certain code of perform that must be done when it comes to food or else there is dire implications (Greek existence, 1). Homer further focuses on this point when it comes to Odysseus and Circe, in the this particular part of the Odyssey we are presented with the witch Circe who maintained turning every guests who came to her island in pigs.

In this case instead of Odysseus himself becoming turned into a farm animal he is aware by Hermes of what Circe was doing to his team and informed him to take the medication moly to be able to prevent the associated with Circe’s magic. The end result was Odysseus brandishing his blade at Circe threatening to kill her. The reason why Hermes helped Odysseus was due to the fact that Circe was violating the code of conduct of hospitality which in turn even the Gods themselves must abide by.

Circe, powerful nevertheless she was, was not exempted from this regulation and as such was taught a lesson by the Gods in order to teach her to be even more hospitable to guests. Precisely what is being implied here is the rules with regards to hospitality have always consequences no matter who you are. This specific concept is often more apparent afterwards as I intricate more on the various parallels in this paper.


The central drive of the impressive is Odysseus’s desire to returning home, to get to the love of his as well as the comfort of his palace. With home is usually tied the idea of loyalty and fidelity, with Penelope, Telemachus, and the devoted servants being the chief reps. Penelope puts up with years of importuning by the ridiculous suitors, displaying her really worth by keeping these people at bay through stratagems worth her sneaky husband’s mind. Telemachus, irrespective of his dad’s two-decade absence, feels the correct fidelity and devotion of the son, indication of his virtue. Although Odysseus need to first cover himself after reaching Ithacaas he really does so often during his adventureshome represents the place where he can finally be his true self: master strategist, skilled warrior, loving spouse, guiding dad, and dutiful son.

The stories of Menelaus and Agamemnon, related by Menelaus to Telemachus, provide interesting contrasts. Menelaus must also undertake trials and effectively carry out penance for the gods in order to reach home peacefully. Agamemnon, however , returned to the threat of an unfaithful wife and her murderous lover. The achievements of a homecoming depends on the worth of those one comes home to.


Many character types inThe Odysseydisplay hubris, the arrogance of overweening take great pride in. They generally go through for it. Also Odysseus, who will be in the end reunited with the committed Penelope fantastic loving kid, Telemachus, and who is reconciled with daddy Laertes, suffers for a 10 years before achieving that point. Although it’s authentic that suffering is sometimes inside the arms from the lovely Circe or the fabulous Calypso, his seven years with her reduced him to a despondent, tearful manhardly the picture of someone content with submitting to temptations. The arrogant Antinous may be the first to die, plus the arrogant Polyphemus, convinced that mere human beings cannot damage him, can be tricked and punished with blindness.

Evaluation Of ‘ Xenia ‘ And ‘ The Odyssey ‘

Significance of Xenia in the Performs of Homer: Hospitality in the Illiad plus the Odyssey The idea of Xenia was extremely significant in ancient greek language culture. As such, it enjoyed a dominant role in the works of authors, the majority of specifically Homer. In fact , one of the most significant information we have regarding the concept of Xenia, as it relates to cultural norms come from the operate of Homer, and the types of hospitality proven in the protagonist’s journeys inside the Iliad and the Odyssey. More specifically


Enticement befalls most of the characters inThe Journey, and the outcome is usually a frustrating problem. Odysseus fantastic men submit to, bow to, give in to temptation about numerous occasions, usually with disastrous consequences. Odysseus’s men fall prey to the Lotus-eaters and hardly escape using their memories intact. They open the sack of wind gusts out of curiosity, only to find themselves blown far from the home they had almost reached. After they encounter the songs in the Sirens, they will protect themselves from temptation by plugging their hearing with beeswax but need to lash Odysseus to the mast because he is too tempted by alluring tune to apply this countermeasure. Maybe their finest fall to temptation, however , is ingesting the cattle of Helios, after regularly being aware not to. Zeus is so angry that this individual slaughters every last one of these.

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